2DayFM's Secret Sound

Do you know 2DayFM's Secret Sound?

2DayFM's Secret Sound

There’s a sound in Sydney heard by millions. Ignored….and forgotten

But take a moment..and remember.. as 2DayFM’s Secret Sound is worth $67,000!

Play everyday with Em, Grant & Ed at 8am, and all day at work!

Sydney’s most loved radio contest is back and it’s worth 67 THOUSAND DOLLARS.

Terms and conditions 

Incorrect guesses:

- A Stapler 

- A Stapler crunching down on paper

- Closing a cover of an IPad/IPhone, when you close the cover and it locks

- A chip cracking in someone's mouth (someone biting on a chip)

- Closing an old style hand fan 

- Sticky Tape being ripped off

- The Velcro fastener on a plastic envelope 

- A hole punch 

- Clips on a briefcase 

- A can opening 

- Opening a chip packet

- Shuffling a deck of cards

- Closing a cassette tape draw

- Tearing apart chopsticks

- Clicking in a seatbelt

- A match stick being lit on the matchbox

- Twisting a handful of dry spaghetti

- Iphone closing, the lock button 

- Sticking a match on a matchbox

- Playing with slime in a container

- Clip clipping into the belt buckle in a racing car 

- Peeling a banana

- Turning a Rubik's cube

- Tape tearing off tape dispenser

- A rubber band being rolled off a newspaper

- Opening the plastic on an eclipse mint tin

- Match stick being broken in half

- Clicking a pen

- Opening a can

- Cutting an onion with the skin on

- Flicking through pages of a thick book

- Flicking through playing cards

- Breaking a Kit Kat

- Breaking a glow stick 

- A McDonalds sauce being opened 

- Eftpos receipt being torn off machine 

- Putting a coffee pod in a coffee machine and closing the lid

- Taking a photo with an old camera

- Biting a piece of celery 

- Cocktail paper umbrella opening 

- A stick breaking 

- Someone getting waxed

- A clothing tagging gun

- A Label maker

- Pressing a shutter on a disposable camera

- Breaking open a fortune cookie

- Starting up a lighter

- A party horn unrolling

- Zipping up a jacket

- Shaking a plastic water bottle

- Locking a door dead lock

- Bunch of dried spaghetti being snapped in half

- Velcro strap on kids sneaker

- Breaking a fortune cookie

- Biting an apple

-Using a sticky tape dispenser on a box 

- Mouse click

- Opening car ash tray

- a car key flicking

- Stepping on a CC

- A comb binding machine punching thru paper

- Key into padlock, padlock opens 

- The unlocking of a safe 

- Removing a bank card from ATM

- Breaking a piece of celery 

- Locking car doors using the button inside the car 

- Dropping a record onto a turn table

- Opening a can of baby food

- Closing a phone teledex

- Ripping the tab off a disposable nappy

- Munching on a carrot

- Clipping together a binder folder

- Closing a VHS Case- Stepping on stick and it breaks

- Cracking of an egg shell on a boiled egg

- A single corn kernel popping

- Flicking the top of a clip board 

- Cracking open a peanut shell

- Opening a cardboard milk carton 

- Closing the little door to the petrol cap on a car

- Dragging a finger across the teeth of a comb

- Inserting a Nintendo game into the console 

- Pulling a piece of paper out of a spiral notebook

- Opening a fridge door that's stuck up the top

- Snapping Bark off a tree

- Coffee pod into a machine 

- Opening a Chinese takeaway container

- Opening a briefcase

- Plugging in an iphone charger to the phone 

- Opening the top of a tissue box