2DayFM Breakfast- Games of Games

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2DayFM Breakfast- Games of Games

Ellen DeGeneres' hit US game show Games of Games is coming to Channel 10, hosted by our very own Grant Denyer!!

Think of the ultimate game show... and triple that by 1000, and that’s Games of Games! 

The challenges in the show involve manoeuvring massive obstacles, answering trivia questions under crushing time pressure and facing gigantic plunges.. and that’s why they call it “Games of Games”.

The games on the show include: Blindfolded Musical Chairs, Know or Go ,Hot Hands and many more! We can just picture the laughs now!

To celebrate the release of Games of Games coming to Channel 10, 2DayFM Breakfast are giving away thousands of dollars of cash everyday!

Games of Games has the biggest cash prize and now 2DayFM Breakfast is giving you the chance to win thousands!!

It’s the SUPERSIZED game show that will have you laughing out loud. Game of Games, 7.30 Sunday on 10.

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