The Bin You'll Be On

We've got our winner!

The Bin You'll Be On

Bin You'll Be On... *insert Kelly Clarkson's voice*

We've got a Winner!

Over the last three weeks Hit 100.9's Jimmy and Nath have been rubbish truck mad! They've been talking rubbish for days..... and today was the day to put one of our finalists names on the Veolia Rubbish Truck! 

this all started from a rubbish truck called "Kate BINslet" so the Guys thought why can't one of our listeners be on a rubbish truck too?and

and after a week of Hobart voting we have a Winner!

Congratulations Riley RoBINson from Rosetta!

Listen to the moment Riley was announced as the winner here;


Big thanks to Veolia for letting Jimmy and Nath do crazy things! And keep a look out on the streets of Hobart for Riley RoBINson's Rubbish Truck!