Ned & Josh's $20K High Five

Ned & Josh's $20K High Five

Ned & Josh and our Announcers at Hit104.7 love getting out and about in Canberra and doing the show live. It’s a great chance to meet friends of the show and mix up their show a little. It’s also no lie, that Ned & Josh love a promotional bonanza. Now the boys are going bigger and better than ever before with Ned & Josh’s $20k High Five, where Hit104.7 will be broadcasting from a new location every day for the month of June!  

Every day for a month, Ned & Josh, Beth or Gemma will broadcast live from a new destination between 11am-1pm. If you see Ned or Josh at any of these Outside Broadcasts or anywhere in ACT or NSW in the month of June, high-five one of them and you’ll go into the draw to win $20,000.00!  Everyone who high-fives Ned or Josh will receive a ticket with a unique code on it, and an identical card will go into the $20k high five barrel.

On Monday 2nd July between 7am and 9am, Ned & Josh will draw one lucky ticket from the $20k High Five Barrel (which is identical to the ticket a high-five-ee will have). They will read out the unique ticket number live on air, and if the lucky person with that ticket number calls through on 13 10 60 within 15 minutes, they win $20,000.00! If Ned & Josh do not receive a call within 15 minutes, they will draw another winner.

NOTE: If you can not present the original card, you can NOT collect the prize of $20,000.00, so stress the importance of not losing your card. If you lose your card, no consolation prizes will be awarded.

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