The most mouth watering dumplings you MUST try on the Gold Coast

There's dumpling you should know...

The most mouth watering dumplings you MUST try on the Gold Coast
There's dump-thing you should know about dumplings...

We've had more than 1,800 years to perfect the recipe since the first dumpling was stuffed and boy have they evolved! 

If you haven't jumped aboard the dumpling bandwagon then I have a 'filling' we may not get along...

Here are some of the most mouth watering dumplings for you to add to your MUST TRY list:

Mei Wei - The Star Gold Coast

They say good things come in small packages, so when there's just about every dumpling flavour imaginable at Mei Wei, this rings to be true. 

Also a fantastic option if you've had one too many espresso martinis next door at The Garden Bar, knowing this late-night dining option is serving until midnight. 

3 chunky monkeys - On the run 

This dumpling is a seasoned traveller!

On the move around the Coast on a food truck, if you're lucky enough to spot them at either Night Quarter or Miami Marketta, hunt them down and never let them go. 

Apres Surf - Mermaid Beach 

This Mermaid Beach dumpling haven combines our two favourite things: Cheap food and dumplings.

Every Thursday $1 dumplings are on offer. Yes, we said $1. Doesn't get any better (or cheaper) than that! 

Etsu - Mermaid Beach

A long standing favourite for authentic Japanese, Etsu serves up a mean gyoza.

When devouring either the house-made wagyu or pork, drizzled with chill soy dip, you can see why this hot spot made the cut! 

Mamasan Kitchen & Bar - Broadbeach

When a restaurant has an entire section of the menu dedicated to dumplings, you know you're in for a good night. Popular with locals, the spanner crab ravioli dumpling goes a treat. DROOL. 

Lucky Bao - Mermaid Waters

Don't be fooled by the name. Lucky Bao doesn't just rock tasty bao options, it also has a dumpling on the menu. You may only have the one choice, but the prawn and chicken dumpling is a best seller! 

Harajuku Gyoza - Broadbeach 

So you like gyoza, hey? This dumpling and beer chain wants you to try one after another with copious flavour options. There's restaurants all over Australia, so it's little wonder its perfected the dish. 


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