RSPCA Cupcake Day Is Almost Here!

Buy a treat to help animals in need

RSPCA Cupcake Day Is Almost Here!

Get your apron on and start baking delicious treats! Because on Monday August 21, it's RSPCA Cupcake Day! Whether you're a fundraiser yourself or you are looking to purchase goodies from a friend, you'll be helping animals in need.

If you'd like to take part, you can register to be a Cupcake Day host - where you can organise your own Cupcake Day however you like. This could be bringing cupcakes and sweet treats to work and asking for donations or simply having a party at home. All you have to do is register and you'll be sent an exclusive host kit including a host guide, pop-up donation box, decorative bunting and promotional posters! 

Alternatively, if you know someone hosting their own Cupcake Day, you can buy one of their delicious treats OR simply donate on the RSPCA Cupcake Day website to help make a difference in the lives of animals. 


Want to know how your fundraising helps? Well, if you sell each cupcake at $2 each you:

  • 12 cupcakes can provide an orphaned kitten with a bed, litter tray, meals and a toy.
  • 25 cupcakes can cover one week of antibiotics for an animal recovering from surgery.
  • 50 cupcakes can desex a cat or dog so they can be adopted.
  • 120 cupcakes can subsidise emergency surgery for an animal.
  • 175 cupcakes can subsidise the cost of prosecuting a cruelty offender in court. 

Despite being named RSPCA Cupcake Day, you don't have to bake cupcakes! You can bake brownies, slices and many other goodies. It's totally up to you!