Food and drinks to stay away from to keep your teeth white all year ‘round!

Keep those pearly whites, white..

Food and drinks to stay away from to keep your teeth white all year ‘round!

Oral hygiene is super important, as is keeping your teeth nice and white. But sometimes, we can be subject to staining from certain foods and beverages that are consumed regularly, not realising the damage it has to our teeth. While you don't have to go cutting out every single delicious food with staining potential, it's important to monitor what you're sinking your teeth into. There are a range of foods which can affect our teeth and lead to discolouration, especially if you've recently undergone a teeth whitening treatment. Here are some foods to keep an eye on so your teeth are sparkly and white all year 'round: 

Coffee & tea

Coffee and tea, also known as everyone's great love affair. While it can perk you up and have you ready for the working day or even just as a comfort beverage, it isn't so good for your teeth. These drinks contain a particular acid that can lead to staining and discolouration. But, it doesn't have to end there! Using a takeaway cup lid to sip on it rather than drinking straight from a mug or cup will decrease the amount of the acid changing the colour of your teeth. 


Whether it's blueberries, blackberries or raspberries, it's going to stain your teeth. Think of it as spilling a berry juice on a white piece of clothing, it's pretty impossible to get out. It's the same when it comes to your teeth, they are likely to stain no matter what form you're eating or drinking them in. Have water on hand to rid of any potential stains quickly or reach for neutralising foods, such as vegetables. 

Bolognese/Pasta sauce

Delicious, pasta sauce. What would we do without it? Probably have nice, white teeth! When it comes to tomato-based sauces, the tomato itself has the potential to get stuck in teeth and to almost cling to it. This can lead to discolouration and possible stains developing. Making sure you're neutralising it with green veges will help combat this!

Balsamic vinegar & Soy sauce

It's in salads, a variety of other dressings and sauces and in certain foods, but it can cause serious tooth decay. Balsamic vinegar is highly acidic, it stains and erodes the teeth. But, there is a way around it if you're having it on salad because lettuce is the best for this because it protects your teeth. So you can keep ordering your favourite healthy salad without worrying too much. On the other hand, there's soy sauce which causes discolouration. These coloured dressings, food and drinks can easily stain, just like they would if they spilt on your shirt or carpet. Perhaps consider if you really need it before smothering your food in it, visit your dentist regularly and make sure you're looking after your teeth first!

Red wine & white wine

Red wine and teeth do not mix well at all. But did you know white wine and teeth do not mix as well? In fact, white wine is WORSE for your teeth than red wine due to the high acidic content! So, while you may love treating yourself to a glass of wine, it wont be good for your chompers in the long run. But, there's ways around it, such as making sure you're seeing your dentist regularly, eating while you're drinking (cheese is amazing when it comes to neutralising acidic food & drinks) and brushing your teeth before you drink (not immediately before - no one wants a minty wine taste!). Following these steps will have you enjoying your wine for longer and without the guilt!

Citrus fruits

Citrus is highly acidic, meaning it's not the best for your teeth. If you're eating oranges on the regular or any other acidic fruits, it can actually soften and start to erode your enamel. But don't worry, oranges are the least acidic on the scale. Lemon and limes, however, are highly acidic and can be quite damaging. Plus, if you're eating them to get that extra Vitamin C, there are different foods and ways you can be getting that vitamin instead!


Uh oh. Soft drinks are full of bad stuff and that bad stuff can cause serious tooth decay, staining and erosion because of the acid in the soft drink. Coca-Cola is the perfect example of this because of all of the nasties it contains. You'd probably be aware cola drinks aren't that great and if you limit your intake, you'll have whiter teeth for longer. But making sure you're seeing your dentist regularly will mean you're receiving the treatment and care your teeth need! 


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