In A Divorce Settlement Who Owns Breast Implants?

If the partner bought them...

In A Divorce Settlement Who Owns Breast Implants?

The new season of The Bachelorette has begun and this means that Australia's focus is now on Ali Oetjen.

Ali has been open about her breast implants in the past, explaining that she had been self-conscious about her breasts and only got the implants to impress someone that she was dating at the time.

The guy she was dating paid for the implants, but soon afterwards, the relationship ended. 

A few days ago, Ali explained that she now believes her implants are a big of a nuisance and that she would like to have them removed and this got Stav, Abby and Matt thinking...

If you're in a long-term relationship, or a marriage, if a partner pays for your breast implants and the relationship then crumbles, who owns them?

To answer their question, we contacted Best Wilson Buckley family lawyer Alecia Connor, to see if breast implants are regarded as an asset in divorce law proceedings.

Alecia explains that the breast implants, in this particular situation, would be "treated as a gift" and that there would be a lot of other aspects of the situation that would have to be taken into account.

"I think it would actually be treated as a gift, not something that could be included in any property settlement if they were in circumstances where they could take a property settlement, like if they were in a de facto relationship."

Have a listen to Alecia's full explanation below and what other unique items she's encountered in a property settlement:

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