'Kick Off Your Sunday Shoes' With The Coolest Year 7 Lip Sync Project Around

FCJ College Benalla cut Footloose!

'Kick Off Your Sunday Shoes' With The Coolest Year 7 Lip Sync Project Around FCJ College Benalla

Talk about school of rock… This Year 7 class is giving Jack Black a run for his money with their annual Let’s Find Our Voice program!

Each year, the FCJ College gives Year 7 students the opportunity to voluntarily sign up for an 8-week ‘Let’s Find Our Voice’ choir initiative, in which they sing alongside Cooinda Benalla Aged Care residents. 

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The choir sings everything from golden oldies to hip hop and pop, and the program ends with a concert that has been sold out every year since the initiative began.

The concerts conclude with the launch of a new lip sync video featuring the students and residents involved in the program, filmed and created by an ex-student of the college.

Joanne Rock, Principal of FCJ College, stated that the project is based on a wellbeing program to promote positive education and connectedness.

The idea is for our Year 7’s to get to know each other and interact with some older generations, and they make great links and friends… it’s just a delightful program to see the connection the students and the residents build. The idea of the video is just the icing on the cake.

- Joanne Rock

 Hear Joanne's chat with Josiah & Elly here...


Josiah & Elly also spoke to Marketing and Projects Co-ordinator of Cooinda Aged Care, Vanessa Grant.

It's safe to say we're all lining up to join the Cooinda family after seeing how much fun the residents have! And Vanessa confirmed that the program is "just one indication of the activities that we do at Cooinda". 

Vanessa also spoke about the friendships built between students and residents. Catch up below...


  Here's their video from last year!