This Is How Easy It Is To Get A Job Dancing With Beyoncé!

One of her dancers spills!

This Is How Easy It Is To Get A Job Dancing With Beyoncé! @beyonce Instagram

You've seen all of Beyoncé's amazing live performances at awards shows and stadium tours, she's always flawless and has a bunch of dancers with her that never have a step out of time.

Even in her music videos, Beyoncé dances with precision and her chosen dancers do as well, so you'd think that getting a job dancing with Queen Bey would be hard, right?!

Well, according to Australian dancer Shivawn Joubert, it's not hard at all!

Shivawn has performed with a variety of big names in music including Jason Derulo and Hilary Duff, but of course, she cherishes the memory of performing with Beyoncé the most.

Shivawn spoke to 2dayfm Breakfast's Grant and Ed this morning about the last time she danced alongside the Queen Bey and said that she got the gig just through a simple phone call!

"It was at the time that she was preparing to release her first visual album [Beyoncé].

"She needed to just churn the videos out really quickly and needed to get a few done while she was here and one of her dancers, her name's Sarah Burns and who is actually from Perth, she contacted this choreographer that I work with closely, his name is Marco Panzik, and she was like, 'look, we don't have much time to hold an open audition, do you have any dancers that you can recommend?'"

Shivawn went on to explain that she went through a short little audition process and got the call at the VERY last minute to perform with Beyoncé on stage at one of her concerts and actually appeared in her 'Mine' film clip!

If you look closely, you'll see Shivawn laying on Beyoncé's lap!

Image: Beyonce Vevo 

Listen to the full interview here to find out what Beyoncé is like to work with:

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