TV Chef Iain 'Huey' Hewitson Slammed MasterChef & MKR For Making Food "Look So Complicated"

"They do a terrible disservice..."

TV Chef Iain 'Huey' Hewitson Slammed MasterChef & MKR For Making Food "Look So Complicated" Network Ten

Remember coming home in the late '90s, turning on your TV and seeing Iain 'Huey' Hewitson cooking up a storm somewhere around Australia?

Those were the good old days and honestly, cooking shows just don't seem to be as easy as Huey's Cooking Adventures was these days... and Huey thinks so too!

Whilst being interviewed on A Current Affair last night, the TV chef slammed MasterChef and My Kitchen Rules for making cooking seem toO complicated for the general public.


He explained to the host that the shows have turned into "pretentious rubbish" that's difficult for the general public to re-create.

"They started off simple, and the next minute you turn around and they're doing deconstructed rubbish with smears on the plate!"

Huey also said that the judges were sometimes taking things a bit too far on the show as well.

"This new thing where they start to talk to contestants and they go 'now please tell me about your philosophy for this dish'...

"Who gives a... I won't continue with that."


When asked what he would say to people who would assume that his comments were because he was "jealous" of the judges' success, Huey said that it's not the judges that he really has a beef with.

"I object to what it is doing to people at home, [who are now] making their fancy pants food.

"They'd do a hell of a lot better roasting a chicken in the oven with some nice root vegetables, instead of trying to make pickled duck bums with truffle oil!

"I think the problem with the shows is they do a terrible disservice to the public because they make all the food look so complicated."


Do you agree with Huey? Do you think MasterChef and My Kitchen Rules is making cooking look too complicated for viewers?

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