This Is How Many Hours Australians Spend Watching TV!

We just love TV.

This Is How Many Hours Australians Spend Watching TV! Network Ten

Aussies bloody love television, from true crime dramas to trash TV; we will watch it ALL! But just how many hours a week do we actually spend in front of the silver screen? 

The latest survey study from Deloitte has found that the average Australians watches 17.5 HOURS of television a week!


This is an increase from the 17.2 hours we were watching in 2015. 


We're not even ashamed of this. With all sorts of good quality shows popping up on various media platforms, we're living in a golden age of television!

The study also concluded that baby boomers were watching 1.3 hours more since 2015, which proves your parents were watching just as much Married At First Sight as you. 

Although we’re watching less sporting events live on TV, live viewing of reality TV has grown from 17% to 21%… because nobody wants Bachie spoilers.


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