This Extreme 00's Show Is Coming Back & We're So Ready For It!

It's 'I'm A Celebrity' x 1000!

This Extreme 00's Show Is Coming Back & We're So Ready For It!

Images: NBC

I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! has become a TV phenomenon.

When The United Kingdom started sending its stars onto our deadly shores, we soon realised that us Aussies could definitely do better than that.

So we started sending our own stars to the South African jungle and it has been amazing!

But before I'm a Celebrity was even a thing, we used to watch regular people do deadly stunts on Fear Factor.


This show is basically I'm A Celebrity times 10,000 and after being off air for six years, MTV has decided to bring it back.

But it's not going to be the show you remember.

A lot of changes have been made.

For starters, Joe Rogan will no longer be hosting the show.

Instead, rapper and actor Ludacris will be guiding contestants through their challenges.


And speaking of the challenges, they won't be hanging around with insects or eats animal parts anymore.

The reboot will place contestants in situations inspired by urban legends, scary movies and other anxiety-inducing situations.

One of them will apparently be retrieving a small object from a ridiculous height.


MTV have said that we'll be watching contestants "overcome their biggest fears", so you may even see one of your own pop up in the new series.

This is going to be very interesting!