The Internet Is Freaking Out About This 'GOT' Sneak Peek!

Tonight's episode is going to be BIG!

The Internet Is Freaking Out About This 'GOT' Sneak Peek! Image: HBO

WARNING: This post contains spoilers for those who aren't up to date with the latest season of Game Of Thrones aka those who aren't watching the previous seasons fast enough.

You know how HBO is usually VERY strict about Game Of Thrones spoilers being released online?

Well, it looks like this season the TV network just don't really give AF.

They seem to just be letting the official Game Of Thrones Twitter account post whatever it wants these days.

First, they posted a photo of actor Joe Dempsie at the Season 7 premiere, which proved that Gendry will be definitely returning to Westeros this season.

Now, they've posted a teaser for tonight's episode and it's seriously EPIC!

As we know, Jon Snow is currently hanging out with Daenerys Targaryen aka the Mother of Dragons at Dragonstone.

There's a popular fan theory that Jon and Daenerys are related and although it's been hinted at on the show, it's not been proven just yet.

Well, tonight it may just change.

The official Game Of Thrones Twitter account posted a clip of Jon facing a dragon for the first time and it's CHILLING to watch.


This clip could prove Jon's a true Targaryen depending on what the dragon decides to do with him.

Will he be burnt to a crisp, or will the dragon kneel beside him?

Either way, Game Of Thrones fans are LOVING it!


Gendry is supposedly returning during this episode as well so keep your eyes peeled for his little row boat!


We cannot WAIT for tonight's episode!