Samantha Has Confirmed That She's Dating Her 'Survivor' Teammate Mark

Asaga love!

Samantha Has Confirmed That She's Dating Her 'Survivor' Teammate Mark Image: Network Ten

We officially have our first Survivor couple of 2017!

Samantha Gash and Mark Wales were extremely close from the get-go, snuggling in the Asaga shelter and just staying VERY close to each other.

This ended up costing the athlete her place on the show as her tribe voted her out on Sunday night so they could break up their alliance... of sorts.


Now, whilst speaking to The Daily Telegraph's Confidential, Samantha has revealed that she Mark are now a couple saying that she's found something better than a prize.

“There wasn’t a romance on the island, I think that’s really important to say.

"We were there for the game of Survivor, and that was so important.

"But I would say now that we have walked away from it, I’ve come away with something better than that prize."

Mark says he can see now why his friendship with Samantha made her a target, however, he really didn't notice it whilst filming the show.

"I was really complacent about it at the time, because I thought there were other people on the tribe who would get knocked out, even though we were in dangerous territory as we were being close."


He also said he felt a connection with his teammate as soon as he met her on the barge to Samoa.

"We were standing next to each other on the barge, and I remember the first person I spoke to was Sam.

"When we went to the island, I think we picked up we were cut from a similar cloth, so we became close friends, and were tight the whole time."

We wonder if anyone else will find love on the island...