Michael Discusses How Much Important Content Is Cut From Bachelor In Paradise

We miss so damn much!

Michael Discusses How Much Important Content Is Cut From Bachelor In Paradise Network Ten

After watching Bachelor In Paradise for this long, everyone's noticed that there have been some continuity errors that we don't usually see when we're watching The Bachelor or The Bachelorette.

First, when Laurina walked out after receiving a date card right before bed, we saw her chatting to a producer about wanting to leave, however, we didn't see her telling the other cast members about her decision AND we didn't even see how the other guys and girls in Fiji reacted when they realised Laurina had left.

Laurina simply said she was leaving (very quietly we might add) and then she was just... gone.


Then, last night, Michael decided to leave the show and again, he vanished without a trace. 

It seemed like he just decided to leave and no one else on the show even noticed he had left... didn't his roommate notice that the other bed in their room was empty?


Luke and Lisa had a big discussion before they decided they were going to leave the show together as well, but we never found out why Luke was so upset by Lisa's ultimatum AND, for the third time, a walk out went unnoticed by everyone else.


So what's the deal?

Michael chatted to Pedestrian this morning and told them that yes, there's quite a lot of stuff that happened on the show that the fans don't get to see.

For example, Michael actually announced that he was leaving and said some very emotional goodbyes before he walked out.

"They don’t show a lot of things. Like even when I left, I had a big chat to the group and said my goodbyes, and everyone sort of had a bit of a cry and a hug. I left on good terms with everyone you know, even Luke. I think they ran out of time. A lot does happen behind the scenes."


He explained that a lot of his chats with Lisa were also cut from the show, which sucks because if we had seen them previously, we would have understood why he gave Lisa his rose and why he felt like he "dogged" his mate...

"I think they cut out a lot of chats and private times. You know, like me and Lisa would go for a walk on the beach and have a good chat and a laugh. I think they were focusing more on the relationship side of things with Luke, but me and Lisa spent some really good time together."


He also revealed that some of the other girls on the show were actually interested in him, he wasn't a loner by any means, they just cut out all of the one-on-one chats he had with the other girls!

"I did think because of the timing of things they cut out a lot of conversation I had with girls. I get a lot of people saying to me ‘oh Michael, I can’t believe the girls sort of looked you over and didn’t want to date you’. And some did, some didn’t. But I was very honest with the girls saying when I wasn’t feeling a connection, let’s just be friends."

So why cut out all of the juicy stuff?

Why present the audience situations that make no sense because there's so much background information that we don't see?


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