Jen Hawke Has Discussed Blake Colman's Appearance On 'Bachelor In Paradise'

"It's not normal."

Jen Hawke Has Discussed Blake Colman's Appearance On 'Bachelor In Paradise' @jolfie Instagram / @blakecolman Instagram

Over the last few weeks, a lot of previous contestants on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette have been rumoured to be appearing on Australia's new dating show Bachelor In Paradise.

Jen Hawke and Blake Colman are just two contestants that are allegedly appearing on the show and in a recent interview with Now To Love, Jen addressed the rumours and discussed her romantic relationship with Blake.


A few months ago, the pair split after dating outside of the public eye.

An investigation was then launched after Blake allegedly threatened to post nude photos of Jen online.


Jen addressed their relationship during the interview and how she would feel if she did agree to appear on Bachelor In Paradise with him.

“If I was to come face-to-face with Blake? 

"He loves a good head game, he’ll probably try and make me jealous.

“But for me, there really are no feelings there whatsoever.

"The guy means absolutely nothing to me so I’d probably just pass him by and move onto the next guy, who is probably better looking and definitely has a better personality because it’s not hard to have a better personality than him."

Jen then discussed the police investigation and how she wants to encourage women to talk to someone they trust if they're in an abusive relationship.


"What I really want women to know is that domestic abuse isn’t just a violent act against you.

"It is someone emotionally intimidating you, it is someone emotionally manipulating you. 

"My advice is to get someone you trust, whether it be your mum or sister, talk to them about it.

“And if you think something is not right for a loved one, pull them aside and say something.

"Talk about it! It’s not normal. It should not be accepted or condoned."

"It is violence against women. It is harassment against women.

"We need to talk about it and not put the blame game on women and say, ‘she’s asking for it! She chose to be with that person.’”

Jen says that she and Blake are no longer in contact and the investigation is still ongoing.