Did James Trethewie Just Reveal He's Been Cast On 'Bachelor In Paradise'?


Did James Trethewie Just Reveal He's Been Cast On 'Bachelor In Paradise'? Channel Ten

We interrupt your Monday for a very special discovery that we think could lead to something magical!

James Trethewie, the man we all fell in love with during Sophie Monk's season of The Bachelorette because he was so cute and adorable and sweet, has just done something very questionable.

Now, everyone takes a snap of the view outside of their aeroplane window when they're flying.

It's as common as taking a photo of your passport and boarding pass when you travel overseas, or that photo right in front of the departure gate, it just has to be done.

Now, James' good friend Apollo Jackson has just flown to Fiji to start filming Bachelor In Paradise and if the rumours are true, Luke McLeod and Sam Cochrane have too.


This may sound like useless information, but when James decided to post a photo of the clouds outside an aeroplane window mere days after the first round of Bachelor In Paradise contestants have been announced, it raised a few eyebrows...


There are only three possible explanations for this.

Firstly, he could be posting a simple throwback for funsies.

Or, he could be travelling somewhere completely different because he was already a seasoned traveller before Sophie sent him home.


But hopefully, he's doing the exact same thing as Apollo and flying to Fiji to film Bachelor In Paradise.

We're really hoping this is the case because he and Tara would just be the most adorable couple ever, don't you think?!


Let's pray to the TV Gods that he ends up in Fiji!