PSA: Fake Kylie Cosmetics Products Are Making People SICK


PSA: Fake Kylie Cosmetics Products Are Making People SICK Kylie Cosmetics

We get it: we ALL want in on the Kylie Cosmetics craze, but it’s not always the cheapest thing to get into. 

So, to avoid forking out too much of our moolah, some have opted for purchasing fake Kylie Cosmetic products instead. 

But there is a HUGE warning going around at the moment, because people are becoming seriously ill because of them. 

Some international markets are selling counterfeit Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits, Too Faced eye-shadow palettes, Ben Nye products and even MAC lippy’s for as low as $5, but the ingredients are causing illness as they are NOTHING like the original products. 


Refinery29 undertook a major investigation into the counterfeit cosmetics industry, with FBI agents in America reportedly finding “aluminum, human carcinogens, dangerous levels of bacteria, and even horse urine” in the fake products they have seized. 

Investigations carried out by MAC and Anastasia Beverly Hills also found that counterfeit products included “lead, arsenic, and mercury."


Refinery29 reported that a woman who bought a fake Ben Nye banana powder experienced a feeling of glass ripping through her skin. 

The woman, Haven Cruise, told them, “It was almost like something had entered my pores and was hanging out in there. It was so gross.”

Another woman, US beauty blogger Sarah Tanya, got an eye infection after using a fake Kylie Cosmetics Ky Shadow powder. 

Another, Blogger Missy Chrissy, revealed that she experienced numb lips and tongue after testing a fake Lime Crime lipstick. 

Blogger Jordan Byers told Refinery29 that she suffered “a painful chemical burn” from a counterfeit Anastasia Beverly Hills lipstick. 


As counterfeit beauty products are for the most part being sold to a massive online audience, this is an increasingly dangerous problem, as many are trying to find cheaper alternatives to expensive brands, while still boasting the same brand names. 

It is important to be able to spot what’s the real deal and what isn’t, to check the ingredients where you can, and steer clear of anything that’s not the real deal - because you could do some real damage.