Affinity Diamonds Launches Australia's First Range Of Wedding Rings For Same-Sex Couples

An Olympian help create it!

Affinity Diamonds Launches Australia's First Range Of Wedding Rings For Same-Sex Couples @affinitydiamonds Instagram

This morning, Australians showed that they were all for marriage equality but even before the same-sex marriage plebiscite results were announced, something just as big was in the works.

Retired Olympic diver Matthew Mitcham has been a supporter of marriage equality for a very longtime, with himself being the first openly gay Australian athlete to win a gold medal and so, he's launched a brand new project supporting the cause.


Matthew has collaborated with Affinity Diamonds to launch a range of wedding rings for same-sex couples.

The range was launched on Tuesday night, before the plebiscite results were made public, because as Matthew explained to The Daily Mail, the jeweller wanted the same-sex couples of Australia to know that they supported them no matter what.

He said that Affinity Diamonds found Sam Rahme was prepared to launch the collection as soon as possible.

"Sam wanted to create a line in celebration of and in recognition of same-sex marriage even though it hasn't been approved yet.

"But Sam didn't care he just wanted to create this so that same-sex couples knew that there was somebody who was fighting for them.

"So that everybody knew that there was as environment where people could come and they could go through this whole process, this scary, wonderful, lifelong process and choose rings."


Matthew said that he was approached by Sam to collaborate on the collection and also become an ambassador.

"I was really impressed around their proactiveness so I did all my research.

"When we were discussing this range he asked me what I thought and so I told him. I told him lots of things. And one of the things I told him was that white diamonds, as beautiful as they are, they're just so traditional.

"We are on the cusp of an incredibly important moment in our history.

"This isn't about filling a gap in a product line.

"This is about a statement and a commitment by Affinity Diamonds to show their support for what's right and to share the love!"