5 Aussie Jewellery Brands That You Need To Scope Out This Xmas

Need something for your girls?

5 Aussie Jewellery Brands That You Need To Scope Out This Xmas @reliquiajewellery Instagram

Are you looking for a nice piece of jewellery to give your mum, grandmother, granddaughter, daughter, friend, cousin etc. for Christmas this year?

There are a few reliable jewellery stores here in Australia that have very reasonably-priced pieces, but this year, why not delve a little bit deeper into the Australian jewellery industry and find some unique presents that your family and friends will treasure?

As much as we love Prouds, these small jewellery businesses hand-craft their pieces here in Aus and have designs that cannot be replicated.

They're unique, they're timeless and they're more than worthy of your cash!

Here are five Australian jewellery brands we suggest scoping out this Christmas because we guarantee that while scrolling through their stores, you'll find the perfect gift:


Handmade in Sydney, Liz Lau's products are for those women who like to feel empowered and are extremely artistic.

Her designs range from minimalist block earrings, to hand brooches, squid keyrings and she's even created earrings inspired by nipples!

If you have a feminist in your family, or just a very "woke" millennial, this is the brand you need!


Here we have another Sydney-based brand that offers a range of colourful jewellery that you're going to fall in love with!

Haus Of Dizzy is famous for their custom hoop earrings that can adorn either your name or your initials inside of them.

They'll make you feel very bada** and if you're worried about them looking a bit strange on, don't panic, these babies look good on EVERYBODY!


This label is better suited for those who love delicate pieces that never go out of style!

Reliquia are famous for their gold coin necklace and their subtle horoscope pendants, which would be the perfect presents for the astrology buff in your life.

These pieces may be on the pricier side, but they're extremely good quality and will last for YEARS!


Similar to Reliquia, Holly Ryan's jewellery is on the pricier side, but it's still amazing quality!

Each piece is handmade by Holly's team and her style is extremely unique, you can't find any other labels that have designs like hers!

The designer started her label in Brisbane before relocating to Sydney earlier this year and if you're a bit of an art buff as well, keep an eye out for more of her stunning sculptures!


This label is for the boho girl in your life because the designs are so laid back and have a slight tribal aesthetic that gives each piece a burst of character.

From the cord bracelets to the tassel necklaces, Petite Grand's pieces have fun written all over them!

What's your favourite Aussie jewellery label?

Let us know in the comments!