Why Jennifer Lawrence Didn’t Sue After Her Nude Photos Were Leaked

"I felt like an imposter"

Why Jennifer Lawrence Didn’t Sue After Her Nude Photos Were Leaked

Jennifer Lawrence opened up about the 2014 celebrity nude photo leaks in a new interview, sharing what it was like finding out about it and how she tried to heal afterwards. 

In 2014, a group of hackers stole personal nude photos from various celebrities and posted them online. 

Now, years later Jennifer Lawrence has spoken to Hollywood Reporter‘s Awards Chatter podcast to explain how she felt ashamed. 

“I think that I’m still actually processing it. When I first found out it was happening, my security reached out to me. It was happening minute-to-minute — it was almost like a ransom situation where they were releasing new ones every hour or so.

“I feel like I got gang-b**ged by the f***ing planet — like, there’s not one person in the world that is not capable of seeing these intimate photos of me. You can just be at a barbecue and somebody can just pull them up on their phone. That was a really impossible thing to process.

“I think, like, a year and a half ago, somebody said something to me about how I was ‘a good role model for girls,’ and I had to go into the bathroom and sob because I felt like an imposter — I felt like, ‘I can’t believe somebody still feels that way after what happened.’ It’s so many different things to process when you’ve been violated like that." 

She then went on to explain why she didn’t take legal action. 

“A lot of women were affected, and a lot of them reached out to me about suing Apple or suing [others] — and none of that was gonna really bring me peace, none of that was gonna bring my nude body back to me and [Nicholas Hoult], the person that they were intended for. It wasn’t gonna bring any of that back. So I wasn’t interested in suing everybody; I was just interested in healing.” 

You can listen to the full interview here