Taylor Swift Completely WIPED Her Social Media & Fans Are Worried

WHAT is going on?!?

Taylor Swift Completely WIPED Her Social Media & Fans Are Worried Big Machine Records

Taylor Swift has been through a lot of late, battling through an intense court case with DJ David Mueller, who she was taking to court on the basis of sexual assault charges after a 2013 incident. 

Her fans have rallied behind her throughout the whole process, but there’s no denying that this is a time of turmoil for the singer. 

Now, Taylor Swift has completely wiped her social media clean of any posts from the past, worrying her fans beyond measure. 

Image: Instagram @ Taylor Swift.

Image: Twitter @ Taylor Swift.

Many believe that the clean slate means she is about to release some brand new music, after the posts began disappearing last night. 

Her official website was even left as just a black screen, with her Insta, Twitter and Tumblr being drained of all previous content. 

Some fans noted how the social media silence has occurred on the three year anniversary of her 1989 album announcement, and with the MTV Video Music Awards coming up in just a week, maybe this is hinting towards some new tunes. 


Fans took to Twitter to share their reactions to Tay Tay going M.I.A on social media.


Taylor Swift literally has a blank space, baby.

Whose name is she gonna write?