Portia De Rossi Has Announced That She's Quit Acting!

She broke the news on Ellen...

Portia De Rossi Has Announced That She's Quit Acting! Ellentube

Australian actress (although you wouldn't know it because her American accent is so strong now) Portia De Rossi has announced that she's quit acting!

Portia announced the news on her wife Ellen's talk show, saying that she had her character written off of Scandal and that she had called the creator of the comedy show Arrested Development, to inform him that she won't be returning for season 5.


Of course, he decided to write her character into a few episodes anyway, so the fifth season of Arrested Development, in which she plays Lindsay Bluth, will be her last acting job.

Portia then told the audience that she decided to quit acting because she's started a new business.

She explained that she studied art and has been "an art lover" her "whole life" and has decided to start "an art curation and publishing company".

The company is called General Public and in a nutshell, she says that they "print paintings".

"Rather than the traditional flat print that kind of looks like a poster, we print with all the texture and articulation that's in the original paintings.

"So, it's actually very hard to tell the difference between a sinograph, which is our print, and an original painting."


Go, Portia!


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