Please Watch Margot Robbie Scare The Sh*T Out Of Chris Pratt W/ A Casual Aussie Snake Story

This is pure gold.

Please Watch Margot Robbie Scare The Sh*T Out Of Chris Pratt W/ A Casual Aussie Snake Story ABC

There are a fair few things us Aussies are proud of, but to keep this story short and sweet for you, we'll focus on these two only: Margot Robbie and being home to some of the world's deadliest animals. 

Now, if there's one thing being an Aussie allows you the right to do, it's scare the absolute pants off of Americans with tales of our spiders, snakes, and whatever else lives in our backyards. 

And boy, are we glad to see that despite making it big in Hollywood, Margot Robbie still enjoys this simple thrill. 

Filling in for Jimmy Kimmel whilst he spends time with his sonChris Pratt took to his desk to interview our homegrown actress. 

And so, with an American and an Australian in a room together chatting away, naturally... the conversation turned to beer and deadly AF animals. 

“I hate to stereotype, you know, everyone thinks ‘Oh, you’re from Australia, there are creepy crawly, poisonous, venomous things all over the place’ but… are there creepy crawly, poisonous, venomous things all over the place?” Chris asked. 

After attempting to downplay our "creepy crawly, poisonous, venomous things" and assuring her host that none of her close friends died growing up, Margot remembered a casual story from her teens involving a giant carpet python. 

"This one time - I was in my bratty teen years - and my mum came in and said, 'Can you help me get this snake out of the house?' and I was like, 'Mum, I'm really busy on MSN right now, like no!'" Margot laughed. 

"She went away and 10 minutes later I was like... 'Where's Mum?'" 

Then, the Suicide Squad actress decided to mess with Chris' innocent American head. 

"And, that's when my mum got eaten," she very obviously joked.  

Here's his reaction: 


And again: 


Although, despite joking about - well, her mum being eaten by a snake -Margot did have a pretty freaky story to share. 

"No, but after a while I was like, 'Wow she hasn't come back in the house' and I went down and she's on the driveway, and this python was huge...

"She had tried to carry it out, it had wrapped its way up her arm and is like trying to strangle her around her neck, and she's trying to call out to me.

"I saw and I was like, 'AH' and I knew from that point on, next time your mum asks you to get a snake out of the house, just do it!"

Watch their full chat below! 


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