Kris Jenner Just Heavily Hinted That Kylie And Khloe ARE Pregnant!

Please end this torture.

Kris Jenner Just Heavily Hinted That Kylie And Khloe ARE Pregnant! @krisjenner Instagram

Before you chase us with your pitchforks and torches, please know that we're JUST as over the back and forth of these rumours as you are.

In fact, I would even go as far to say that we're further done with the rumours than you. You're not forced to read them, but it's literally our job to research, investigate and report. I know far more about the Kardashian empire than I ever thought possible. 

Anywho: the latest instalment of the 'journey of Khloe and Kylie's "pregnancies"' saga, suggests that they are, in fact, pregnant! - kind of. 

Extremely tight-lipped momager Kris Jenner has taken to Instagram to either hint at her two daughters' pregnancies, or to tease at such for further publicity... We're going to go with the latter. *gasps* the Kardashians performing a publicity stunt? I'm shocked! 

Although, if we look through our non-skeptical spectacles, the pic which the 62-year-old shared with her casual 18 million followers is definitely suss. 

The grandmother of SIX - PenelopeMasonReignNorthSaint, and Dream - uploaded an image with NINE neatly wrapped parcels of baby clothes, captioning the image, "Can’t wait to cuddle up with the kids #holidayseason thank you for a collection for every one of my grandchildren". 


So, if there are nine parcels and only six grandchildren thus far... who are the remaining three for? 

Let's do the maths shall we? 

Well, we already know that Kim Kardashian is expecting her third child via surrogacy, so that could definitely account for one of the parcels. 

Now, how about the remaining two? Kylie and Khloe are both supposedly expecting their first babies, could this be the answer to the two leftover ~mystery parcels~? 

It would make sense. 

On the other hand, Kris is also ex-step-grandmother to Caitlyn Jenner's three grandchildren - Eva James JennerIsabella Marino, and Francesca Marino. Could Kris also be gifting them matching PJ sets for Christmas? 

That would also make sense. Although, that would mean that Kim's newborn will be going without. 


What seems like the most plausible excuse to you? Please let us know in the Facebook comments - we're obviously very involved in this investigation! 

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