Khloé Kardashian Has Finally Confirmed That Tristan Thompson Cheated & It's About Time!

Just a matter of time...

Khloé Kardashian Has Finally Confirmed That Tristan Thompson Cheated & It's About Time! @khloekardashian Instagram

The whole Tristan Thompson cheating scandal was HUGE a few months ago and whilst many media outlets speculated about what happened between the NBA player and Khloé Kardashian at the time, the reality star never confirmed anything.

Instead, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named True and remained tight-lipped about the whole situation.

We know he cheated, it's on tape!

But overnight Khloé finally gave us her side of the story, confirming that yes, Tristan did cheat on her whilst shutting down a gossip blog.

Gossip site Perez Hilton published a story stating that Tristan had proposed to Khloé yesterday and once she saw it, she slammed the website for making up stories about her relationship.

“Who makes up this crap you guys post?? This is how slow the news is? You need this ridiculous story?? What a waste.

"If you must write such crap please stop tagging me at least!”


One of the blog's followers then commented on the post saying that Khloé was "a strong woman" who had "become weak over a man" and, well, that was a mistake.

Khloé snapped back at the comment saying that "it’s truly sad that you believe blogs and then actually take the time to comment on someone else’s life.”

Now, for the big stuff.

In a now deleted comment, Khloé finally addressed the whole cheating scandal and confirmed once and for all, that Tristan cheated on her.

"I’m not acting as if Tristan didn’t cheat. I’m saying the story about marriage and anyone insinuating they know what we speak about privately is ‘crap.’ Not upset by commenters. Not upset by anything.”

Image: @commentsbycelebs Instagram 

Now, we can all move on with our lives.

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