Johnny Ruffo Attends His First Red Carpet After Brain Cancer Diagnosis

He looks fantastic! 

Johnny Ruffo Attends His First Red Carpet After Brain Cancer Diagnosis Johnny Ruffo Instagram

Home and Away star Johnny Ruffo has made his first media appearance after undergoing life-threatening brain surgery and discovering he has brain cancer. 

Johnny was all smiles alongside he stunning girlfriend Tahnee Sims as they attended a charity gala in Sydney last night! 


Early last month, the 29-year-old was rushed to hospital with what he thought was a bad migraine.

Doctors soon discovered that he had a large brain tumour that needed to be removed immediately and he was placed into surgery.

Johnny emerged with 27 staples in his head and 95 per cent of the tumour removed.

He explained that five per cent of the tumour had to be left behind as it was too close to his nerve endings and could have resulted in permanent paralysis if something had gone wrong with the extraction. 


"Without the operation, there was a 100 per cent certainty I would have died because of the pressure on my brain,”
he told New Idea.

He was soon diagnosed with a stage three oligodendroglioma, which is a rare brain cancer that only affects three per cent of brain tumour patients.

Johnny explained that his doctors are fairly confident that they're able to fight the cancer and eventually, overcome it.

We are so happy to see Johnny out and about again, looking sharp and full of smiles!