Jessica Mauboy Breaks Down Mid Interview

She really has been through so much...

Jessica Mauboy Breaks Down Mid Interview

Image Credit: ABC

Jessica Mauboy has opened up about her past in an interview and she was left in tears.

Last night, Jess appeared on Anh's Brush With Fame on ABC, they spoke about everything from her upbringing in Darwin to her famous Australian Idol audition back in 2006.

The singer and actress stated that her father, Ferdy Mauboy, actually borrowed money from a family friend just so that Jess could get to her audition.

She remembered, "I was so angry…I think I was more scared. I feared it because I love it so much, I think. Anyway, so having heard Dad ramble on about him having got the money from a friend."

Continuing, "I felt really bad so I was like, 'You know what? Look, I'm gonna go do and it. If I don't get in, don't be disappointed, OK?'"

This is when the 27-year-old started to get emotional, Jess said, "I think I got quite choked up about it. I dunno, I'm just crying."

Adding, "I get quite emotional to be honest because we didn't have a lot, we didn't have a lot of money, so the fact that he went out of his way to, you know, to borrow money and make sure that he was gonna pay this fella back, you know, made me realise how much love that they were giving."

We are so proud of Jess and how far she has come, she is so strong!

Watch Jess’ full appearance on Brush With Fame here.