Fans Think Sophie Monk Confirmed The Bachelorette Was Rigged

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Fans Think Sophie Monk Confirmed The Bachelorette Was Rigged Channel Ten

Sophie Monk choosing Stu Laundy as her one true love on The Bachelorette this year didn’t seem like too much of a surprise. 

But after some new things Sophie has said, fans think that it was definitely all pre-planned and possibly rigged. 

We all know that Stu and Soph met before the show.

Now, after Sophie’s speech during Stu’s 45th birthday this week, fans are convinced their partnership on the show was planned. 


According to reports, Sophie took the mic and revealed, "Stu and I are very similar - we're not very good at rules.

"So the whole time through the Bachelorette, [when] we were meant to be in lock-down, we saw each other more than any [normal] couple I think.”

Her comments have seemingly implied she arranged visits for Stu at her accommodation near the mansion during the show. 

This would likely upset fans and contestants because it would mean the show’s outcome was somewhat preplanned. 


Sophie then went on the explain how they had secret meetings without anyone knowing, saying that she would leave a key near the garage. 

She also spoke of the air of cockiness he seemed to have in the house, saying, "He had that arrogance in there [the mansion]. He knew he was going to win [the whole time]."

Earlier today, Sophie commented on the rumours to assure fans that no, The Bachelorette isn't rigged.

She posted comments on her Instagram Stories saying:

Images: @sophiemonk Instagram

"I sneakily saw him AFTER we had finished shooting the show before the finale aired.

"And his attitude was like he won most of the time.

"I swear it was totally legit.

"Love Soph."

Sorry guys, looks like The Bachelorette is legit after all.