Alex Nation Has Addressed Her Break-Up With Richie Strahan

Whilst schooling a fan!

Alex Nation Has Addressed Her Break-Up With Richie Strahan @alexandranation Instagram

Only a few hours ago, Alex Nation posted an adorable picture of herself with her new girlfriend Maegan Luxa, telling the world how happy she is and that she is in love.

Since she posted the photo, fans have flooded the comments showing their support for Alex and wishing her all the best with her new relationship, however, one fan had a few questions.


The fan asked Alex if she knew she had always "liked women" and if she had, why would she go on The Bachelor to win over Richie Strahan?

Image: @alexandranation Instagram

The fan went on to say that Richie could have chosen someone else and found his "ever after" if she hadn't decided to appear on the show.

A lot of users hit back at the fan saying that sexuality isn't as black and white as it may seem before Alex decided that enough was enough and FINALLY addressed her breakup with Richie after months of speculation.

"Richie is a great person, he'll still get his ever after. 

"We both hoped for things to work, but life just is.

"Sometimes things in life simply don't work out for us. 

"You cherish the nice memories and you move forward."

She didn't go into details but as she said, sometime things just don't work out the way you want them to.

We're glad Alex has found love again!