You Could Be Recruited For The Secret Service, From University!


You Could Be Recruited For The Secret Service, From University! Supplied

It's not very often you get to speak with a REAL LIFE spy, but Entertainment Reporter Justin Hill recently caught up with Warren Reed who is a former officer of the Australian Secret Intelligence Service! WHUT?!

Warren revealed the key elements to being a spy are:

1. Keeping your cool and emotions in check in scenarios where you might be getting some crazy, mind blowing information.

2. Having an amazing memory.

When it comes to recruitment, Warren revealed that there are contacts at Universities all across Australia who may pass on information about students as potential candidates. They may have studied lots of languages and be a natural, or perhaps they know a lot about Economics and could be a real asset. IMAGINE!

Warren also took some time to comment on Charlize Theron's film Atomic Blonde revealing it really highlights what it is to be a spy, saying "it's very real, it shows what the brain has to grapple with...that's the world a spy operates in, when things are calm and things start to race, that's what all the characters have to contend with. [Atomic Blonde] highlights what it is like to be a spy and to have to keep your emotions under control and you're in a blizzard and things are changing and you don't know who to trust.

"When you hear a car backfire and you think it's a bullet going through my head. Sometimes in an emergency, that's what it's like and you can't panic.

"In some of the situations you literally sleep with one eye open."

Atomic Blonde centres around Charlize's character Lorraine Broughton, MI6's most lethal assassin. With the Berlin wall about to fall, Broughton is sent on a covert mission to take down an espionage ring. There's double crossing and deceit GALORE! 

Atomic Blonde is out on 4k Ultra HD, Blue Ray & DVD on November 15!