Twi-hards UNITE: A Twilight Theme Park Is On Its Way

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Twi-hards UNITE: A Twilight Theme Park Is On Its Way Summit Entertainment

Everyone knows how HUGE the Twilight craze was when the films were first released. 

Of course, there were many loyal fans dedicated to the series when it was just the books floating around, but the films really helped Stephenie Meyer’s creation come to life. 

Now, Twi-hards are about to experience another rush of enthusiasm, because there’s a Twilight theme park opening and OMFG!


Lionsgate Entertainment Company recently revealed they will be opening a Lionsgate Movie World in South Korea, similar to Disneyland’s set-up, which allows everyone to experience the worlds of some of their favourite movies. 

One of them, of course, is Twilight, and is expected to give everyone the opportunity to experience scenes from the films as if they’re there!

The park will also include rides, recreated environments, themed restaurants, and live performances. 


In addition, there will be Hunger Games realm, a Now You See Me magic-themed zone, and a Robin Hood zone (off the back of the upcoming 2018 remake).

There will also be zones dedicated to Divergent and The Cabin In The Woods!

Oh, and there’s going to be a SAW zone as well… get ready to freak out… 


We’ll have to wait a while, though, construction on the park begins next year and it is expected to open in 2019.