Your Ugg Boots May Be Comfy AF, But They Could Be Damaging Your Knees

Oh dear...

Your Ugg Boots May Be Comfy AF, But They Could Be Damaging Your Knees @ugg/ Instagram

Ugg boots are beloved by Australians everywhere and these days, even some big celebs have been seen sporting the comfy boots around town, but it turns out these bad boys could be doing more harm to your body than good.

The Daily Telegraph has reported that ugg boots have been causing a variety of knee injuries that could eventually require surgery.


Orthopedic surgeon Ian McDermott told the publication that the boots could cause a "knock-kneed" stance and premature tearing of joints because they don't offer proper foot support.

‘‘If you have somebody who has severe cartilage damage at the front of their knee, and their patella is misaligned, you might have to realign the patella.

“My gripe is not specifically with Ugg boots, it’s with any soft boot that doesn’t give your foot proper support.

"It’s not a brand issue. I think that the worst boots are the cheap copycats. 

"Although they can seem like the first choice for comfort this winter, opt for a sturdy pair of boots with correct arch support.”


So although your uggs may be super comfy around the house, maybe avoid wearing them 24/7 so you don't end up with a big surgery bill later on... 

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