Your Retro iPods Are Worth A Mini Fortune Now

Old is new again!

Your Retro iPods Are Worth A Mini Fortune Now

Image Credit: Sony Pictures / TriStar Pictures / Apple.

If you’re not aware of it already, there’s a new movie out called Baby Driver and people have been going bonkers over it. 




Not only is the handsome and super talented Ansel Elgort in the film, but it also features some hectic driving skills (that should NOT be tried at home), and has reignited our love for the classic iPod we all used to listen to before they became a thing of the past. 

Hopefully you still have one lying around the house somewhere, because these beauties are now worth a mini fortune and it might be in part thanks to Baby Driver

The week that Baby Driver was released at the cinemas, sales for old iPods on eBay skyrocketed by 929 percent… 

When everyone found out the iPod would be discontinued, sales grew another 52 percent. 




The film showcased the iPod in all its glory and proved we all still love old school sh@#. 

During the release of the film, there was a total of 107,354 iPod listings on eBay, and the price of the music players on the site is set to increase as this number decreases as they’re all sold to new owners. 




So, if you’re looking to get rid of your iPod [because you either a) hate music for some bizarre reason, or b) need some quick cash], then you better list that bad boy ASAP!

According to, your first generation iPod Shuffle can sell for $340, and a sixth generation iPod Nano can go for $620. 

RED editions of the Shuffle sell for around $650, and of the Nano, $240. 

Lucky thing we had Ansel to reignite our love for the classics… 

Ansel, he’s so hot right now...