Why Men ALWAYS Take Control Of The BBQ

Sound familiar?

Why Men ALWAYS Take Control Of The BBQ Fox

It’s an age old tale we’ve all experienced at some point. 

You have all your friends and family over for a BBQ, and the men always seem to take dibs on the BBQ duties. 

Just the BBQ duties, for the most part, as if it’s a sacred ‘Boys Only’ business that no one else can intrude on.

Sound familiar?

Well, some new studies have looked into why men are always trying to take control of the BBQ, when one in five women want to get involved, too, but are rejected. 


The study surveyed 2,000 adults in Britain, showed that 75% of men are the ONLY ones allowed to operate BBQs. 

While the women, well, they were left to do all the side dishes. 

Rhys Llewelyn from PGI Welsh Lamb, the group behind the study, released a statement on the findings, saying, “We wanted to try and understand a bit more about the psychology of hosting a barbecue, and whether people are really getting the best out of their outdoor cooking.”


Considering the love for BBQ’s seems even stronger here in Australia, this news couldn’t appear more relevant!

The findings revealed:

  • Men said they were twice as confident as women when it comes to the BBQ
  • Men are three times more likely to take on BBQ duties
  • Over half of women surveyed said men were quick to dibs the BBQ duties, as they thought it looked manly
  • One in six said backseat BBQing was a problem
  • One in six revealed they had a habit of standing by & overseeing others BBQing. 
  • One in four said they want to get better at BBQing, but men are less likely to want to improve as they believe they’ve ‘mastered the art

Interestingly, men’s opinions on their confidence didn’t actually show any evidence of having better abilities. 


The study showed that it all came down to the stereotypical belief that being the one on BBQ duties inherently instils a sense of manly-hood upon you, making you appear more robust and ‘manly’ to your friends and family.

But, come on, we know that BBQing isn’t some magic wand that casts a stereotype on you, right?

Aren’t we past the boundaries of ‘manlyhood’ and ‘femininity’ yet?

How about we share the duties, when someone else wants to give it a go!