Today's National 4pm Finish Day So Go On, Get Outta Here

Drinks start NOW

Today's National 4pm Finish Day So Go On, Get Outta Here Anchorman

While we already knew that today was National Hug Your Boss Day, we've since found out that there's actually a pretty good reason to want to give your boss a cuddle.

According to The Mirror, Friday the 14th of September is also National 4pm Finish Day which sounds like all the excuse we need to pop open the bottle early this afternoon.

Apparently, we have Red Bull to thank for the early finish after the company took it upon themselves to decide that we all deserve to start the weekend early.

"We know you work hard," a spokesperson said. "You put the hours in to get the job done.

"That's why we want you to be more productive at work through the week so on Friday, you can finish early and do the things you love the most."

So go do it!  Turn off your computer! grab the bottle opener... grab the cheese and enjoy that early mark.

Happy National 4pm Finish Day, Australia.

*We take no responsibility for how your boss may respond to these suggestions.

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