These Wine Coolers Disguised As Handbags Are Pure Class

Time to ditch the Chanel.

These Wine Coolers Disguised As Handbags Are Pure Class Pure Class Wine Bags

One of the struggles of lady-hood is owning a handbag that weighs a tonne and has to be lugged around with you everywhere, because by way of some miracle, there's a use for every single item in that bag. 

So, trouble strikes every time there's an outing that involves bringing a bottle of vino (aka, every outing). 

Do you shove everything aside in your current bag and risk warming the wine, or do you bring a separate cooler bag which a) is another thing to carry and b) is rather hideous? 

Well, there's an obvious answer here, ladies: allow your handbag to be your cooler bag. 

Pure Class Wine Bags is (obviously) an Aussie owned and operated business, which is here to make our lives a whole lot easier. 

Pure Class Wine Bags

Yes, that last one is a bag with a secret latch that covers your undercover wine tap. Yes, it's available. And yes, dreams do come true. 

For more info or to view all of their products, head to their website

And, restaurant owners, if you notice an influx of women not ordering any wine yet asking for some glasses, don't be suss. We're sure there's another reason.