People Who Drink Gin Are The Sexiest

Do YOU drink it?

People Who Drink Gin Are The Sexiest Paramount Pictures

Tbh, we are all sexy af and no one can take that away from us.

But according to science, apparently gin drinkers trump us all… 

According to a new study, different types of alcohol have different effects on emotions as well as behaviour.


30,000 people were surveyed, between 18-34 from 21 countries, and it was found that those who drank spirits, beer and wine all had very different answers about questions on thoughts and emotions. 

Gin drinkers were fund to be a little aggressive, BUT interestingly they were proved to be very sexy.

The drinking of spirits led to more energetic feelings of confidence and ‘feeling sexy’. 

Whereas wine and beer were proven to be linked with tiredness and relaxation.