Lush Has Stepped Up Its Game & Now Has Shower Bombs!

Bath bombs and now THIS!

Lush Has Stepped Up Its Game & Now Has Shower Bombs! Lush Cosmetics Australia

Lush are known for their spectacular selection of bath bombs that not only smell delightful, but leave your bath looking like a little slice of heaven.

They've branched out into a variety of other products over the years, but their latest product is most likely going to blow up just as much as the bath bombs did.

Introducing: The Shower Bomb!

You're probably wondering how the hell a shower bomb works because generally, you need a body of water for a bomb to work... right?

Well, kind of.

The shower bombs fizz upon contact with water and you use them by crushing them in your hands, breathing in their scent (because aromatherapy, guys) and scrubbing that bad boy all over your body!


There are currently three shower bombs to choose from and they're only available for a limited time, so get in your shower!

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