Kogan Has Air Pods For $5 & Even MORE If You Can Find Their HIDDEN Codes

It starts at 9am TODAY!

Kogan Has Air Pods For $5 & Even MORE If You Can Find Their HIDDEN Codes Kogan

Want to kick off your day by getting some sick Apple Air Pods for only $5? 

Or a massive 50” Smart TV for only $30?

Better yet! What about a new Apple iPhone XS for $100?

Well, you can get that and even more today if you can win the Great Kogan Treasure Hunt!

The online tech giant, Kogan, has a massive deal going on today, slashing the prices on big products if you’re one of the lucky few who can hunt down the discount codes!

Their promo page explains:

“At 9:00am (AEDT) on November 7th, get online and head to Kogan.com, where 20 unique discount codes will be hidden throughout the website.

“They’ll be buried within the images of one of our product listings. We’ll be dropping location hints via email, so make sure you sign up to our daily deal emails above.”

If you DO find a code, you have to head to the product page it represents, add it to your cart, and then use the discount code!

The code only works ONCE, so you have to be the first person to find it. 

Here is some of what is on offer!

You can view the live tracker HERE to see if the item you want is still up for grabs. 


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