Dog Owners Earn MORE Than Cat Owners

Look who's talking meow...

Dog Owners Earn MORE Than Cat Owners

Dog owners and cat owners have battled it out over the ages for a number o reasons, to see which is the best. 

Well, thanks to a new study, some might be switching sides - because it turns out that dog owners generally earn more than cat owners. 


The study from Manhattanville College in new York revealed that dog owners are:

  • Happier than cat owners
  • More sociable than cat owners
  • Are more likely to pay off their mortgage 
  • … and earn larger salaries than cat owners.

Cat owners are:

  • More likely to enjoy their own company
  • More likely to still live with their parents
  • Are 5% less likely to be married
  • Have less friends on social media
  • Have less friends in general
  • Love their cats less than people love their dogs…

Which side of the fence are YOU on now?