DO (not) Get This Terrifying GIANT Teddy Bear For Your Bae

NOT what we expected...

DO (not) Get This Terrifying GIANT Teddy Bear For Your Bae Joyfay / Amazon

We all love teddy bears, because they’re super cute and are the best thing to cuddle when our special someone is away for the night. 

You would think that giant teddy bears would be even better, because they are so huge and perfect to cuddle… but in a terrifying twist of events, some people who thought this were proven very wrong when their online orders were NOT what they were expecting. 

Joyfay is currently selling this 6 foot 5 bear, that is advertised as looking like this: 

Seems cute, right?

Well, when it gets delivered to your door, it looks very different… and it’s scaring everyone. 

Customers have taken to the review section on Amazon to share images of the bear, whose legs are freakishly long… 

So long that no one can handle the creepiness. 

If we woke up next to this we would be screaming for days… 


So, it’s probably safe to say this is NOT the gift you should be getting Bae this Christmas.

You won’t able to get it delivered to Australia, anyway, so hows that for good luck.