13 Insecurities People Find REALLY Attractive

Embrace your flaws!

13 Insecurities People Find REALLY Attractive Buena Vista Pictures

Let’s face it, sometimes we don’t feel flawless, even though we’re gosh darn beautiful. 

The little insecurities we all have can have a serious impact on our confidence, especially when it comes to finding ‘the one’ - but it turns out that some of those insecurities we have are actually attractive to others!


Here are 13 insecurities you may have that others love, in no particular order.

Stretch marks

They are natural and signify how our bodies change and develop, and almost everyone has them! 


Some people have issues with their hands, thinking they’re too big or small, or not smooth enough - but a lot of people find calloused or weathered hands attractive, because it shows someone puts a lot of hard work in! 

You can tell a lot about a person from their hands. 


A LOT of people don’t like the way their nose looks - but a LOT of people love them on others, at its a defining feature of your face and people are often attracted to bold noses. 

Curves / Dad Bods

Everyone is unhappy with their body from time to time, and we’re all bombarded with images of the ‘perfect body’ - which basically doesn’t exist IRL. 

For a lot of folks, softer bodies are a big attraction. 

Teeth / Smile

A smile is 100% guaranteed to make you 100% more attractive. 

However, some people are worried about their not-so-perfect teeth. But much like crooked noses, they are a sign of character and loads of people find gaps between from teeth, quirky smiles and the works hot!

Smile and brighten up the room. Go on. 

Body Hair / All Hair

A lot of guys actually like a bit of hair on a woman, so don’t go believing that you have to be waxed and shaved everywhere. Hair is natural. 

For guys, its even been found that hair on your chest and stomach is really attractive,. 

If you’re worried going bald is going to make you less attractive - don’t. Just look at Jason Statham. 

No matter what your hair is like, your partner loves YOU, and it’s completely fine if you choose not to shave or wax, and to embrace the natural!


Do NOT be ashamed of your freckles. 

For crying out loud, people even draw them on because they love them so much!!!

Smile Lines / Wrinkles

OMFG if there’s one thing that’s attractive it is smile lines. What’s more attractive than someone who obviously loves to smile and be filled with joy?!

They’re beautiful, and so are wrinkles - they are signs of your travels and are something you should embrace. Everyone gets them. 

Greying Hair

You might think you look like a witch or wizard, but streaks of grey hair and going grey is actually seriously hot to some people. 

People even dye their hair grey and white, so there’s no need to be ashamed. 


Embrace your insecurities and know that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Today and every day!

What qualities do YOU find attractive?

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