Domino's Is About To Release A New Range Of Avocado Pizzas For Summer!

Avocado... on pizza?!

Domino's Is About To Release A New Range Of Avocado Pizzas For Summer! Domino's

A lot of people think pineapple doesn't belong on a pizza, no matter what flavour you pair it with, but how do you feel about putting avocado on your pizza?

Domino's are about to launch their new Free Your Flavour range, which features a variety of new avocado-topped pizzas, just in time for summer!


On December 11 the new range will hit stores and we're expecting another pizza topping debate to erupt when it arrives.

Domino's CEO Australia and New Zealand Nick Knight said in a statement that the new pizzas have been created to give their customers exactly what they want at an affordable price.

“The new menu is all about indulgence with premium ingredients and the tastes that people love."

Nick predicts that by February 2018, buying an avocado-topped pizza will be cheaper for Aussies than it would be to buy an avocado smash at most cafes!

"For less than the price you would pay for a smashed avo on toast in most Australian cafes, Domino’s will offer traditional and premium pizzas you can share with friends.

“You shouldn’t have to choose between great tasting, quality ingredients and your hip pocket."

Image: Domino's

The new pizzas will be sold for as little as $12.95 and if you want to add avocado to your favourite classic topping, you can do that for just $2 extra!

So, does avocado belong on a pizza?

Domino's sure thinks so!

We can't wait to try these new flavours!