10 Cheese Boards You Should Bring To The Footy For Peak Spectating

Are you on board the cheese board?

10 Cheese Boards You Should Bring To The Footy For Peak Spectating KrumDiddly Reddit/Kmart

A photo of a fancy Aussie Rules spectator treating himself to a cheese platter he brought from home to the game has gone viral… and we’re thinking this guy was on to something.

We’re all over spending $20 on a cold sausage roll at the footy, and so have been prepping our own sandwiches and packets of Doritos for years. But it seems a new dawn is upon us. A revolution in spectator sports snacks - The BYO cheese board.


Here are just 10 great cheese boards we recommend taking a look at! 

1. This Round Acacia Paddle Board from Kmart "can be used to serve guests treats such as cheese and crackers. You can slice or dice veggies and herbs to put together tasty snacks." ($9)

2. Another Acacia Rectangular Paddle Board from Kmart, this time... rectangular! ($9)


3. The Fourwalls Acacia Paddle Board from Big W  is slightly wider, allowing more cheese and meats to be nicely balanced on your lap. ($15) 


4. This House & Home Serving Board with 3 Dipping Bowls from Big W makes bringing hummus to the game a lot easier! ($19) 

5. Why not pick up this Jamie Oliver Vintage Italian Style Antipasti Board from Big W if you are feeling a little bit fancy! ($14)


6. Bring this mighty Medieval Cheese Board from ThinkGeek and match the battle on the field with the battle on your board! ($34.99) 

7. Another Acacia Paddle Board, this time from Target! You can choose between a round or square shapem depending on how you like to present and balance your board on your lap. ($10) 

8. Time for IKEA! Why not try the FASCINERA chopping board that looks very boho and forest chic. ($7.99)

9. Another from IKEA, the PROPPMÄTT is a super simple board, for a super cheap price! Best for individual use. ($4.99)



10. Finally, here's a board for the whole row! Get all your mates in on a tapas fiest as you watch the game with this  99X20cm board from Wheel & Barrow. ($71.96) 

Will you be bringing a platter to your next sporting event? What's your favourite board? Let us know in our Facebook comments!