Townsville RSPCA Save Frankie From a Life of Neglect


Meet Frankie. She’s gentle, curious, cuddly and she could be yours.

But things weren’t always so rosy for the feline.

Frankie was found tied up in a house with no food or drink by local Police, that’s when the RSPCA’s inspector stepped in.

A generous foster carer took on Frankie and gave her plenty of TLC.

Now the grey beauty is ready for adoption.

Manger of the Townsville RSPCA, Jacinta says 12 week old Frankie is a gentle natured kitten who is always purring.

Does Frankie sound like the right pet for you?

If you are unable to adopt a fur baby, you can always make donations to the Townsville RSPCA Shelter. This week the call was put out for bags of ice to keep the animals cool, and dozens of Townsvillians came to the rescue.

More details at their Facebook page