The Sydney Suburbs Home To Offenders On Parole

Is yours on the list?

The Sydney Suburbs Home To Offenders On Parole

More than 6,000 criminals are currently residing across Sydney, with offenders on parole taking up residence in the area.

According to Nine News, sex offenders, murderers, drug dealers and robbers on parole are currently housed in suburbs across Sydney.

The densest population of criminals on parole is found in western Sydney, with Liverpool (265), Fairfield (253) and Parramatta (251) topping the list.

These areas are closely followed by Campbelltown (247), Bankstown (227), Leichhardt (208) and the Sydney CBD (218).

Breaking down the crime statistics, Campbelltown, Bankstown and Lismore ranked in the top three for sexual assaults and homicides, while Parramatta leads when it comes to robberies and firearms.

"These inmates are monitored within an inch of their life," Corrections Minister David Elliot said.

"In many cases, they have electronic bracelets attached to their ankles and have to report to the police regularly."