The Top 10 Regions At Risk Of Being Replaced With Robots

According to the RAI

The Top 10 Regions At Risk Of Being Replaced With Robots

It’s happening… robots are taking over the world! And the Regional Australia Institute (RAI) has determined the Top 10 regions across Australia most susceptible to automation.


We’re already taking the take-over for granted, with self-serve check outs, apps, and online shopping, but could you be at risk of being replaced by automation?

The RAI develops policy and advocates for change based on research and community engagement to strengthen and benefit regional Australia.

In the face of continued technological change, Australia’s labour market will have to adapt. To understand how this adaptation needs to occur it is necessary to identify where vulnerable jobs are located.

- Regional Australia Institute

Regional Cities have the greatest proportion of jobs considered at high risk of automation.

The least vulnerable fields include medical professions, teaching, legal, social and welfare professions, while those at high risk include retail and hospitality.

Below is RAI’s list of top 10 LGAs with the greatest proportion of jobs susceptible to automation.

But never fear… RAI has determined that although Regional Cities have the highest risk, they also have “strengths in innovation and entrepreneurial skills which are necessary to adapt to the changing nature of work.”

What do you think of the RAI’s findings?


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