Cinemas Are Returning To The Perth CBD & They're Going To Be Cheap AF!

For a little while...

Cinemas Are Returning To The Perth CBD & They're Going To Be Cheap AF! Voltage Pictures

It's been over five years since we've had a cinema in the CBD, but luckily, as soon as the new Raine Square development opens, we'll be getting a brand spankin' new Palace Cinemas!

These guys are all over Australia already and to celebrate their new location, they've got one heck of a deal for us.

From Tuesday, 18 September until Sunday 23 September, all movie tickets will only be $10, because going to the movies should cost an arm and a leg (but for some reason it does!).

That's not all though, you'll also be able to grab a $5 glass of prosecco at the bar to take into the cinema with you!

Yeah, we love this place already!


The new Palace Raine Square has nine traditional cinemas plus four Palace Platinum boutique screens that are fitted out with full reclining seats and your own call button wait service.

You can choose from their menu of food and drinks, or you can order food from nearby restaurants AND you'll also have access to an exclusive bar and lounge, because fancy!

The Palace Platinum screens won't be available until October 11, but hey, at least you know what you're in for now!

Be right back, we have movie tickets to book...

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